on the farmOur setting has been designed to encourage children to become independent.  Each child has the opportunity to encounter a wide range of stimulating equipment and toys with their friends. Construction takes place with a variety of sets and materials  – motorways and bridges are built and toppled; zoos are constructed and filled with animals. Bigger …… smaller ….square …… rectangle – language is extended and expressed

websire 1The home corner produces social interactions where children’s imaginations are let loose. Everyone enjoys role-play – especially tea parties, doctors surgeries and a trip to the vet! Taking turns, sharing and language all flow naturally

The creative area promotes experimentation with hands-on sensory and expressive work (lots of lovely “touchy-feely” things such as paint, sand, play-dough, sequins and glue). Cooking assists in promoting healthy eating and the science of change


Mark Making and maths tables
Pens and paper, jigsaws and counting items are always available and encouraged. Children use numbers for counting and simple problem solving. Thinking critically helps comparing and matching.

Name cards are used throughout the day to help with name recognition. Sensory room

Quiet Room

A quiet read, jigsaw puzzle, chat or play is facilitated in our quiet room where children respect and appreciate the small group or one-to-one time. We also have computers and Ipads in this area for children to use.

Technology and Music

Programmable toys and computers support learning and introduce technology. We have also recently purchased iPads to help develop an understanding of technology.

Songs, rhymes and music help develop an appreciation of rhythm and music240215 034


All equipment is age-related, stimulating, educational and just plain “fun!” Experiences and knowledge are extended, discussed and valued. Experimentation explores how things work, change and react.

Equipment is regularly safety checked

Outdoor Play Area

Outdoor activities contribute to children’s health and their physical development.  We provide a safe and secure outdoor play area which our children have free access to for most of the morning and afternoon sessions.  This provides space for movement and fresh air with toyRole play Areas and activities which are stimulating and fun.   A dig in the sandpit, quick ride on a tricycle and splash with the water – to name a few – are all greatly enjoyed. We have a lovely new natural area where the children can explore in the mud, use the mud kitchen and grow vegetables and herbs.


The large area outside pre-school is used for supervised, adult-led group activities.  The space is invaluable for physical games and play.