Settling In & Support

Curriculum & facilities Fred & TomIt is a very big step for a child to leave a parent and we are dedicated to giving your child all the support and help needed to make the transition easier for both parents and children.

This is why we offer a two hour settle with you and your child prior to starting to complete a short questionnaire and have an informal chat to ease the transition.

Children cannot play or learn successfully if they are anxious or unhappy.  Our settling-in procedures assist parents/carers by having the following aims:

  • to help children to feel comfortable in the Pre-school
  • to give them the ability to benefit from what it has to offer
  • to be confident that their parent/carer will return  at the end of the session

All children settle in at different rates and parents/carers are welcome to attend as many sessions as they feel are needed to ensure their child is happy to be left with us.

Each child has a ‘key person’ to support them throughout their time at Pre-school.  This ensures good individual support for children, continuity of care and positive contact with parents.  We believe that this promotes active learning and the holistic development of each child.

We assess how young children are learning and developing by conducting formal and incidental observations. Parents are encouraged to celebrate their child’s achievements with us and to work together by sharing information about what their child likes to do at home.

Support for children with special needs is ensured.  There is a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and staff work sensitively with parents to identify where children need additional support.  Resources and planning are adapted to promote individual learning, development and needs.

Staff successfully use a range of visual prompts, puppets and some signing. These methods have a positive impact on children’s speech and language development.

At Pre-school we take the view that we are acting in place of a parent/carer.  Sometimes it is appropriate for a child to sit on an adult’s lap, particularly at story time.  If a child is missing their parent/carer or has hurt themselves, “giving them a cuddle” is quite often an appropriate way of offering comfort and reassurance for many children.